Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hate/Fan Mail

Right, so obviously we're getting pretty big now, so big that we've been getting a fair amount of mail and some pretty regular themes and questions just keep cropping up.

1 - "Are you guys real satanists? I'm Christian and pretty offended by all this."

Literally, are you retarded? Look at the pictures, look at what we're doing in them. Read one of the posts. Does it look like we're real Satanists? Yes. It does. Look up satanists in the encylopedia brittanica and you'll see a picture of us with our balls out in a church and NOTHING ELSE. As for you being offended. good. that means we're doing our jobs properly, the dark one will be pleased and grant us further powers. Your grief is our strength.

2 - "Can I join?"


3 - "You guys seem pretty mean and tough all the time, but are you actually nice guys?"

Interesting question, whilst on the outside we may seem as dark as a january night, in fact we are all very pleasant chaps. To prove it here are a series of photos of us enjoying nature;

4 - "How did all this start? When will it stop?"

Well we all used to be pretty staunch christians/muslims/hindus/hippies but then one day we all literally at the same time, even though we were all in different houses, had the exact same dream, where Lucifer, looking an awful lot like he does in the Tenacious D "tribute" video walked up to us and said "look I need a favour" all three of us woke up at the same time. Even though Satan had been vague at best about what he wanted, somehow we all knew the sorts of things that would please him, and immediately constructed outfits and attitudes. As for your second question, we don't know, we're actually worried we won't live to see the completion of the Dark Lord's malevolent plans.

5 - "You guys are hot, I want to date you. btw I am a smoking babe"

Tubular. keep it to yourself, toots. The Dark one is the only thing/person we need in our life. We're not gay though. We just love him so much we really don't have time for you.

6(66) - This photo was sent in anonymously;

We don't understand. But we really appreciate the sentiment. Keep up the good work soldier.

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