Sunday, 25 July 2010

Birding Our Souls.

Birds. We all know 'em, we all hate 'em. They get up in your grill, chat shit and are generally bad for the environment. probably.

We found some in cages and some not in cages.

Some were awesome and some needed their faces baptised.
We threw the horns at the awesome ones and baptised the faces of the ones that were not.

here is photo-journalistic evidence of what I have claimed in the previous sentences.

You can't claim that this blog doesn't irrevocably prove everything it states in writing.

There are no birds here. This is an example of a situation where no action needed to be taken.

This bird is clearly a fucking fruit. Baptised.

This is a swan. Swans are notorious bastards. This swan is also black. Black is the most awesome colour. Conclusion? This swan is an awesome bastard. We told it to rock on. It had no time to give a shit as it couldn't fit it into it's busy schedule of being awesome.

Kookaburras. What are you doing here? We will baptise you because we don't trust your being here. What are you laughing about. Strange birds. Better off baptised for Satan. (so much is)

Wading birds, the rubbishest of all birds. Name one point in your long and tiresome life when you've thought "Thank god for wading birds, they have just improved my existence". Precisely. Never.
Doing them a favour by baptising them if anything. They could do with being more interesting.

A wading bird, but also black. We were torn between a baptism and a horn throw. We settled on no action, best play it safe.

White parrot? Obviously a baptism is in order. After the baptism it turned black with red eyes. No proof though because we forgot to take a photo.
Animals do this so regularly after we baptise them that its no longer a novelty for us. We often forget to take photos of it. shh.

This parrot is pink. and is literally climbing up the walls, the colour we may not agree with, but the actions we certainly do. If I could climb every wall I saw there is no doubt I would.
Fuck walls. Rock on you crazy parrot.

No reason really for this rock on. We just have a soft spot for ducks.


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