Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Super Secret Danger Lair of Doom and Danger and Evil. and Danger.

Basically this whole thing happened where we all had fights with our respective mums and so decided "fuck this shit, this shit is whack" and eloped.
The fights were 'cos our mum's don't understand us and keep saying the candles in our room were a fire hazard and throwing out all the various animals skulls we were amassing. Oh, and kept telling us to get jobs.
If we've told them once we've told them a thousand times, Satanists don't have jobs.
Our malicious and odious ways do not lend themselves well to customer service or generally anything where you have to interact with other people in a manner that doesn't involve baptising them for Satan/covering them in blood/slowly bludgeoning them to death.
Anyway, because they didn't understand that we packed up our shit and left together.
Life on the road was tough, but we found a new home in some evil woods and built ourselves a residence there. The evil woods are much like normal woods except we live there now, which makes them evil. Oh also they are full of wood goblins. Yeah, that too.

This is our house, its awesome and you like it. Theres no electricity so we installed swings for entertainment. TV and Internet is for gays and homophobes anyway. We now write the blog with magic and sorcery. Nobody is sure how we do it but they're all very impressed that we do.

Its up in a tree for two reasons, one because its currently in fashion to have your house in a tree and we are slaves to architectural trends.
Secondly because wood goblins.
Fuck wood goblins.
If they think they're coming in our new gaff and touching all our shit with their rubbish goblin hands and stupid wooden faces they've got another thing coming.

Wood goblin cunt. Fuck this guy.

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