Thursday, 16 September 2010

Transitional Structural Management Period (of Doom)

Recently many of our dark and elusive number (aka all 3 of us) have taken on tasks above and beyond the call of duty. We won't go into what these tasks are, namely because they are so wretched and sadistic we'll get banned from the internet by the CIA and Interpol and BBC1.

However these tasks have been undertaken, and as such the blog (or Eternal Digital Chapters of Many Desecrations as we like to call it) shall only be updated once a week on Sunday, and sometimes, when we forget... not at all.

To encourage your forgiveness/sate your wrath here is a picture of one of our odious and torrid number casting a spell across the whole land. The spell's name is 'up yours readership'.

It's the same spell the Daily express cast every monday when they put princess Di(e) on the front page AGAIN.

Imagine he is singing the Indiana Jones theme tune (because he was)

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