Monday, 27 September 2010

Wye are you doing this to me?

So the other day we went to Wye to baptise a crown cut into the living rock.
There is an 80% chance you don't know where Wye is, its in Kent, as are many places.
In the 1930s some fucknuts decided to carve a crown into a hill to celebrate the fact that they were bum chumps. Or something.
We took an aversion to this 80 years down the line and decided to baptise it for Satan.
An activity we are regularly seen doing really. Baptisms = the don.
This is the bloody crown.

It is a bit gay.

Tar'lor getting his swear on.
You have to swear at your target before you baptise it to soften it up.
Its like in a PSOne WWF game where you have to unnecessarily punch your opponent for ages before you can pin them slash a bit like when you have to beat up a pokemon before you can catch it.
A bit like that.
Its difficult to see the crown.
I would say click on it to enlarge, but you honestly can't see it .
However, trust me its there.

Right then.
Better baptise the fucker.
Not really any method in this madness.
Just go mental on a hill with an upside down black cross.
Any onlookers will be intimidated by how 'metalasfuck' you look.

There is also no moral to this post.
Unless 'Don't carve a crown into a hill or we will baptise it' is a moral.
But I suspect its not, more of a threat really. If anything.

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