Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Free zines and stickers for people who live in interesting places.

So we made a bunch of zines and due to a drought of imagination can't think of who to give the last few to. We had previously been charging £6.66 for copies at a considerable loss. The loss was due to our demand that they be printed on black leather, something that the men down at the print shop had never done before and were not keen on learning.
Recently though we've come to accept that Satanists were never built to be successful capitalists due to our non existent customer service skills and blood drinking tendencies so have packed it in, opting instead to give them away for free with some stickers thrown in to put up on the wall of your lair or whatever.
We don't have many though so we're only sending them to the raddest locations. If you live somewhere we deem far away/your road has a funny name (bellenden road in peckham being a good example) then we'll send you a little package of eternal damnation FREE OF CHARGE.
just e-mail to be in the running.
p.s - if you are from japan you will automatically win because we think you need cheering up. keep that in mind japan.

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