Monday, 25 April 2011

More signs that the Satanic revolution is nigh.

Whilst the religious mortals that inhabit this foolish isle discuss alternative voting procedures the Satanic legionnaires amongst them are discussing a different kind of political reform.
This political reform will be pretty much universally unpopular with anybody that isn't Satan's devoted follower though.
The plan is to boil down all the politicians and civil servants currently running the country into a sort of thick broth, drink it, and with the power it imbues call upon the gates of hell to open, and welcome in an eternal reign of blackness.
Unfortunately the dark ranks of Lucifer's representatives on Earth are fucking disorganised and so far the only signs of the coming political apocalypse are hilarious daubings on local walls.
However recently we've spotted some fresh ones which suggests that at least more wizards are on board.

Dear police reading the blog, please note we didn't do this. Nor do we know who did.

If you are a practitioner of evil magic and are sick with the fact that there is no political party at the moment with black as their party colour/motto/manifesto well why not join the next unholy revolutionary meeting!
Please pop along on the second Saturday of every month to the cellar of this creepy looking building at 11am sharp. Orange squash and custard creams will be provided but we're not made of money so turn up early or they'll all be gone. I imagine there'll be one packet max.
In fact bring your own biscuits.
As a sign of your devotion to the cause/Satan.

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