Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Satanic Revolution is countered by the Metropolitan police

As masters of all dark wizardry, from summoning plagues of locusts to predicting football results, we thought we would be able to accurately prophecise the day when all would rise up against the secular rule we currently languish under. The day that we foretold was the 29th of April, coincidentally the day that one of the most powerful magical families in all the world added a new member to its ranks via a televised marriage. This meant that the capital city would be full of people, some of which were revelers, many of which were disgruntled satanists prowling the streets hungry to revolt.
We attempted to be a catalytic force in the obvious revolution that was at hand by organising a march which would bring together our widely dipersed brothers and sisters and descend on parliament, probably converting many to the ways of Beelzebub as we went.

These were the signs we planned on carrying as we lead the march.

This was how we planned to appear on the big day once we had gotten into the heart of London.
Obviously as the Met are sponsored and run by Mormons, Catholics and Seventh Day Adventists we would have to go in disguise until it was too late for them to arrest us.

Unfortunately for us and the wider Satanic cause the Met had seers that predicted our malicious machinations and we were nabbed before we could even don our corpse paint. We were told that our signs were 'offensive' and that 'people had complained' and that they could 'do' us for 'breach of the peace' we knew not what any of these mysterious mortal words meant but accepted that the day was lost unless he who dwells below could summon a horde of demons to get our signs back.

As you can see here (as the finger too close to the lens helpfully points you to) our signs have been thrown into the back of the police van.
No amount of wordsmithery could get them all back.

but we managed to get one back that was deemed 'inoffensive'.
Also please note that merely by being near us, the female police officer seated in the van has become 30 times more rad and is throwing the horns in the back ground of this picture.
Unfortunately she has got it slightly wrong, but the effort is there.

We will update this post as more photos come in from friends and allies.

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  1. Ha hilarious can't believe they took your signs away, cunts